Google I/O: Paint Party

Google I/O Activations

Droga5, NY


Google’s I/O stands for “Input/Output.” We wanted to explore this in a series of experiences that reflect “Input/Output” in the most fun and entertaining way. They were created to exemplify the power of code and how it can be utilized to accomplish amazing things.

Paint Party allowed 7000 attendees to use their phone and paint together several gigantic 3D emojis on the keynote screen. It was also brought to life in a physical installation where attendees controlled a robotic arm that flicked paint at a giant cube. Java was used to develop the control app along with native Android standard APIs. Rhino 3D and the Kuka PRC plug-in was used to bring the robot arm to life.


Senior Copywriter
Nick Partyka

Group Creative Directors
Jerry Hoak
Ray del Savio

Digital Production
Active Theory

Deep Local


Senior Art Director