New Museum LIVE

New Museum LIVE

Droga5, NY


2017 marked the New Museum's 40th anniversary: 40 years of new art and new ideas.

To celebrate this steadfast commitment to all things new, we did what no museum has done before—we launched New Museum LIVE: five exhibitions, hundreds of artworks, special events and performances, all live streamed online and in locations around
New York City.

During the last month of the anniversary year, this online/offline activation celebrated every single artwork in the museum through its very own live stream. Viewers could switch between streams online or see them broadcast live on Times Square billboards,
on the big screen at the IFC Center, as well as on NYC Ferries, bars and cafes.


Senior Copywriter
Nick Partyka

Group Creative Director
Don Shelford

Albie Eloy

Digital Production
The Mill


Senior Art Director